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About us

Duffey’s Heating & Air Conditioning has team of dedicated contractors ready to overcome your expectations. Unlike most of the heating companies in Littleton, CO, Duffey’s Heating & Air Conditioning place their customers on first place and works hard every day to give them the quality they deserve by providing only high quality heating services at reasonable prices. Our friendly customers service will answer your questions giving you the information you need. Offering the lowest prices we make no compromises with the quality of our work.It’s hard to choose among the many heating and air conditioning companies in Littleton,CO but if you want the job to be done by professionals choose our services.

Duffey’s Heating & Air Conditioning is a full service heating and air conditioning company that has many years in the HVAC industry. Our experienced installation and repair technicians are knowledgeable, highly trained and courteous. We perform service of all of the major brands and use only high quality parts. We guarantee that our technicians work clean, quickly and accurately. We can meet all of your requirements. Our air conditioning contractors are skilled and have the right knowledge, and equipment to perform diagnostic tests on your AC and heating systems to find the exact problems which may be affecting your comfort and air quality. When our technicians locate the exact problem in your air conditioning system they will discuss with you all the possible solutions according to your budget. Give us a call at (303) 972-0263 We understand that when your heating system needs to be serviced this job have to be done quickly. Contact Duffey’s Heating & Air Conditioning any time when you need reliable heating contractor that specializes in heating and air conditioning repair in Littleton, CO.

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